søndag den 13. maj 2012

Review on Danish National Television

Check out the amazing review on Danish National Television. 'Smagsdommerne' is the leading television program about cultural events, exhibitions etc.  -on saying what is hot and what is not. Thursday the 3th of May they recommended our show.
To the question: 'Do the world need anymore cake stands?' Kresten Osgood said:
'…yes if they are as cool as these… They (Inhabitants red.) are like a rock band….I had a great experience... it has opened my eyes to how great ceramics are'.
Kirsten Jacobsen said: '...how fantastic it is to experience that dogma or rules can set creativity free…it was charming and enchanting… it is 98 percent innovation and 2 percent repetition…'
And at the end of the program they all agreed on recommending our show as the place to go.

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